New Super Mario Randomizer Wii
A New Super Mario Bros Wii Randomizer

A randomizer that can currently raandomize levels and enemies for New Super Mario Bros Wii
It brings fresh air to the base game by remixing the current existing 135 levels

135 Remixed Levels

Experience the 135 levels in a new but familar way.
All levels have been altered randomly to create a new experience for the player

Randomizer Customization

Customize the randomizer to your heart's content
Feeling chaos? Or you just wanted to relax a bit?
You can Customize it in the Configuration file generator or Make a complex ruleset by yourself!

Continous Updates

This project iss currently in active developments.
Many more features is planned or in development. Stay tuned for more updates to this!

Open Source

This project is available under the GPL-3.0 License